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March 9, 2017
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April 18, 2017
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Creating YOUR Brand of Success!

Creating YOUR Success 2



Today’s Note to Self®

~Your ‘longed for’ success will become a distant memory unless you have your arrow focused on your unique direction ~



Regardless of who you are or where you may be within your journey of life here on Planet Earth … we all long for success! Doesn’t matter if this is ‘big success’ or ‘quiet success’ or ‘in your face success’ or ‘behind the scenes success’ or however you would describe what success is for you … it is a natural state of being wanting to create success. In order for each individual to create the perfect success, she or he must first define success.

I know this may sound a little strange, but without knowing what your unique success looks like, then you will be constantly struggling through life wondering why it’s just not happening! You will probably end up searching in all the wrong places! And you will never really get to experience that amazing feeling of euphoria when you stand on your very own stage and know that you have done it … you have created your unique success!

Mother Nature’s Message:

It gives all in Nature Spirit the greatest joy to point you in the right direction and give you so many helpful signposts along the journey towards your wonderful and magical new creations, or what you might call ‘moments of success’. We call them creations, because above all else, you are on your planet to continually create more and more of all that you desire. It is so much fun designing little signposts for you to see and follow, but even more exciting when you find them and accept the directions given. Today’s image was no exception. This may be just a tiny feather from a very loving owl, but one that wishes to assist you in knowing that unless you have your arrow of success pointing in the right direction, then your longed for creations will only become distant memories.

The magic lies in walking the path of understanding. Understanding that you came to planet Earth to grow as the most beautiful and magnificent being of joy, happiness, love and peace. To accept this challenge was why you came! This particular path is not for the faint of heart, and can often be one that has the deepest valleys of despair, as well as mountains of joyous elation. It will only be travelled by those who truly wish to live a magical life.  If you decide to take on this challenge of growing within, we promise we will be beside you every step of the way bringing the signs, symbols and messages that will bring you safely to your unique success. Remember, we will only appear in your life if you ask us for assistance … and assist we will. You are so loved!