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March 22, 2017
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Can You Wait a Little Longer?



Today’s Note to Self®

~If my dream is a long time coming, it just means that it is taking me a little longer to grow into a dream which is even bigger than ever I had imagined it could be~



We were up before the dawn making the last minute preparations before heading to Echuca for the day to visit our two beautiful daughters, their husbands, and our 6 amazing grandchildren! And I would have to say, that we have the best children and grandchildren in the whole wide world!!! LOL Okay, I guess I am just a little prejudiced!

It was such a cold frosty morning with the temperature not much above zero, and so we were both very grateful for the heating in the car as we drove northward. I am sure Bill was thinking that it would have been nice to stay in bed a little longer, but he knew how much I loved to watch the sunrise over the mountain range that we must travel across to reach our destination. We could now see that the fog was still hanging low in the paddocks like a giant ocean of cloud, as the first hint of light escaped the horizon.

And then came that moment I had been excited about for days! As we came up over the crest of a hill, there before us lay the most spectacular vision; we both gasped at the extraordinary sight before our eyes. It could not have been a more beautiful vision on which to feast! Bill pulled over to the side of the road and we both got out of the car to breathe in the magical moment. It was also in that instant, that the story of my spiritual journey flashed before my eyes. The times that I felt so deep in the valley surrounded by fog! The times when I would catch just a glimpse of the light of Truth as I struggled up the mountain called life. The times when dark grey clouds seemed to hang incessantly between me and the light of my dreams! And then came that most magical moment when I felt in the depths of my soul, the most spectacular sunrise of understanding, and the most joyous elation at having had the courage to travel the journey… this far!

Mother Nature’s Message:

We have to admit, that sometimes it takes us time to find that extra special paper, and those extra, extra special ribbons and bows in which to wrap your dreams. You see, the Universe always wants to make the end result so much bigger and better than you could have ever imagined it to be. Why? Because, as we keep telling you, you are so loved!

It is also extremely important for you to have grown into your dream … on the inside. You see, if you have not grown sufficient wisdom, knowledge and understanding, then it is very likely that your dream will slip through your very physical fingers. Now that would just make you sad, or angry, or resentful, and put you right back to square one again … you know, down in that valley surrounded by fog! We want to see you resting on that magnificent mountaintop, lit by the light of the most glorious sunrise, and with your dream firmly in your hands. So today, be patient with yourself and with the arrival of your dream. Believe us, from where we are sitting, it looks sensational!!! You are so loved.