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March 22, 2017
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How to Empower our lives!

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Today’s Note to Self®

~Empowering self takes stretching your wings and flying into the unknown … the results will amaze you~



We all arrive on this planet earth with our very own uniqueness, our very own talents, and our very own amazing story to tell. So often though, as a physical being, we allow others to pull us down, and then we begin to believe that we are not ‘good enough’ or ‘nothing special’, and we begin to slowly shrink into a shell of nothingness. We shrivel up and die as a leaf returning back into the soil.

This is NOT the Truth of who we really are!!! We are magnificent beings who have choose to assist planet earth to grow and become the beautiful, ongoing creation that is constantly desired and pondered upon daily by the Source of all that is and will ever be. If we choose to hide our unique talents, they will eventually disappear back into the mists of mere possibility. But, if we choose to stretch our wings and fly into the unknown, the light of knowing will guide our way … we will discover the magical richness of living a purpose-filled life. We will fly to beyond our wildest dreams, slide down rainbows, and land feet first in our pot of gold.

You are so loved!