A Guide for the Modern-Day Alchemist

Unlimited Golden Success is not just a pipe dream! (55 pgs)

The A Guide for the Modern-Day Alchemist is devoted to bringing the ancient art of Alchemy into our 21st century without losing sight of its core teachings. Each chapter is centred on one of the seven steps within the process, and is written in such a way so as to help you form a link between the ancient and the modern-day world. As you will also very quickly discover, Mother Nature plays a vital role in the lives of alchemists, and is about to play the same role within yours. She was a constant companion and mentor to the alchemists of the past, and continues this function in our world of today. Many have lost their connection with nature, and in doing so, wander through life struggling to find balance and purpose. Taking the time to re-build that connection is an essential part of becoming the modern-day alchemist.

The seven-step transformative process explained in the following chapters does not fall under the category of ‘quick fix’, but it definitely does appear at the top of the list for ‘processes that create extraordinary results’! When it all boils down to it, it is always the choice of the individual as to how he/she experiences life. If you choose to live more of everything that this amazing Universe has to offer, then I humbly recommend you not only read, but also embody the process shared within the pages of this book. Yes, it may be challenging and at times quite confronting, but if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, then I suggest that ‘NOW’ is the time to become your very own alchemist!