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April 23, 2018
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April 23, 2018
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Radio – Becoming the Co-Creator of Your World – Week 4



Becoming the Co-Creator of Your World – Week 4



We all live with masks which hide our true identity, but did you know that removing those masks and developing your unique and one of a kind gifts and talents and then living them, gives you mastery over your life? In other words, doing what you love and loving what you do changes everything … this is what integrity is all about.

Did you also know that never really living the real you creates a wall between yourself and the happiness and success you deserve? You know in your heart that something is not quite right and there must be more to life but you can never seem to reach that space where you feel great about life.

So perhaps now is the perfect time to be really honest with yourself and ask yourself some rather serious questions such as: Am I following my own path or simply a path that others expect me to follow? Am I doing what I love and loving what I do? And the final question; how can I remove the mask that I have taken on board and begin to live the authentic me? When you answer these questions honestly and truthfully and start to take action where needed … you will have discovered your integrity.

My ‘Walk On Water Moment’ guest for this week is: Dipti Ramessur

Dipti shares a huge WOW moment! This was a ‘coming home’ moment! She traveled across the globe to find her perfect place to live, feel safe and create a brand new beginning. Listen to Dipti explain how she found the courage to search until she found what she was really looking for. This is definitely a WOW moment not to miss!


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