Radio – Becoming the Co-Creator of Your World – Week 5
April 23, 2018
Spiritual Fitness – The Importance of Being Focused!
May 7, 2018
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Radio – How to Manifest Your Dreams – Week 3



How to Manifest Your Dreams – Week 3



The fact of the matter is that laser focus is essential to manifestation! Why? Because the Universe loves a focused vision. It then knows exactly what you are wishing to see happen in your life. It knows exactly what you wish to express and experience … without this, it really has no idea what to get started on or work on! Another fact: Scattered focus = scattered results! So, it is definitely time to bring your dreams/desires into focus and remain focused. It is no good having this amazing desire and simply focusing on it for a week or 2 and then getting a little tired, and forgetting to focus, and getting caught up in the stuff that is happening around you, and then losing yourself in the drama of life … you know what I mean don’t you? We all do this at times and are left wondering why nothing seems to happen with regards to our goals and dreams, and then comes the big one! We start announcing to the Universe that it is just not happening and so the Universe responds by making sure that you get what you think and what you say … and nothing happens!

My ‘Walk On Water Moment’ guest for this week is: Karen Emanuel

Barbara shares a huge WOW moment! The message within this story all comes down to never ever giving up hope. Once you ask for a way to heal your heart – a way will be shown in the most wonderful and magical ways.This is definitely a WOW moment not to miss!


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