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January 30, 2020
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February 5, 2020
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Your Relationship with Wealth by Dr. Geraldine Teggelove


Money is one of the most emotional subjects in the world, according to Dr. Geraldine Teggelove. Truly, most people feel more comfortable sharing the intimate details of their intimate lives with friends than sharing the intricate details of their financial life. However, money is simply a way to allow the smooth exchange of goods and services. Money isn’t real, it’s just a representation of something ever changing as part of an exchange, but it does have a hold on all of us.

Why is it that some people have a great relationship with money and others find it full of fear, distress, anger, and frustration? What gives money its emotional power? The answer is simple – we do.  By giving a piece of metal or paper meaning, we charge it with all sorts of expectations, obligations, resentments and requirements.  If we have given money its power, can we change the power it has over us, and can we transform that power into positive and prosperous influences in our lives? Of course, we can, and the magical steps to wealth can be found right here.

Have you ever wondered what highly successful and financially stable people know and do that you don’t? Flourishing in Prosperity gives you reliable proven and attainable ways to make money fast, along with 21 ways to eliminate debt.  If you want to live a prosperous life, if you are tired of fearing bills, payments, mortgages, and encumbrances, lay your anxiety and money-woes down and take the magical steps to wealth. If you have experienced a financial meltdown, then you are at the right place. Start building or rebuilding your wealth today!

As a personal and spiritual development coach, Dr. Geraldine Teggelove infuses her work with her intuitive gifts helping clients gain a deeper understanding of their quintessence – that beautiful authentic light that shines within all people. Check out for more information.