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Flourishing In Prosperity


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Flourishing In Prosperity – Integrating the Magical Steps to Wealth

Have you ever wondered what highly successful and financially stable people know and do that you don’t? Flourishing in Prosperity gives you reliable proven and attainable ways to make money fast, along with 21 ways to eliminate debt.  If you want to live a prosperous life, if you are tired of fearing bills, payments, mortgages, and encumbrances, lay your anxiety and money-woes down and take the magical steps to wealth. If you have experienced a financial meltdown, then you are at the right place. Start building or rebuilding your wealth today!

In ‘Flourishing in Prosperity, there are 2 Bundles from which to choose: you will find the tabs directly above.

Bundle 1 is an introduction to how you can change your life from one of lack and limitation to one of abundance.

Bundle 2 is for those who are wishing to take significant steps towards the creation of wealth.

Choose Your Bundle

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Bundle 1




This Bundle includes:


Beyond Broke – recover & flourish from financial meltdown: 150pgs (International Bestseller) This is the eBook version, so you can download it immediately. Unlike other financial books on the shelf today, Beyond Broke was born out of real life experience. In this practical step by step guide, Geraldine and Bill share with you their proven techniques for moving Beyond Broke to financial freedom.

The F.L.I.G.H.T Plan Program Workbook. 38 pgs This workbook is the perfect guide in assisting you to take those essential practical steps as suggested in Beyond Broke.

Video – The First Steps towards Financial Freedom – 30 minutes. Geraldine shares the steps she took in order to pull herself from the rubble of financial ruin, and put her back on the path to financial freedom.

Prosperity Visualisation/Meditation4min mp3. A great tool to help you begin to create the wealth you desire.

Podcast – Claiming Your Prosperity – 1 hour mp3. Are you ready for more prosperity in your life but not sure how to go about claiming it? Well, on this Nature Spirits Speak Radio Show, Geraldine shares with you the 7 tried and true steps that you can take to make this a reality!

20 Ways to Save Money – eBook Little ideas that have the ability to create amazing results.

Bundle 2





This Bundle includes:


The Magical Steps to Prosperity & Wealth Video Program – 8 modules (4 hours in total) This video program takes you through the exact steps Geraldine took to lift herself out of financial ruin, and back into living even greater prosperity.

The Magical Steps to Prosperity & Wealth Workbook – 39 pgs. The Magical Steps to Prosperity & Wealth workbook has been designed to assist you in taking those vital steps towards your own personal financial freedom.

Beyond Broke eBook – recover & flourish from financial meltdown. 150 pgs (International Bestseller) Fabulous reading on the road to prosperity & wealth.

Strategies to Create Wealth eBook. 16 pgs There are over 80 strategies included in this extremely practical guide – simple and easy to implement on a daily basis.

You & Money Podcasts 4 hours listening. This is a recorded series from Geraldine’s highly successful Radio Show offering listeners practical guidance on how to build a great relationship with money, and have it flow into your life.

4 Prosperity Visualisation mp3’s – 4 to 5 mins each. Fantastic way to ensure you are creating a wealth mindset.

Gratitude Meditation – 16 mins. Gratitude opens the gateway to you experiencing outstanding results. This guided meditation enables you to be immersed in gratitude without having to do a thing except turn it on and listen.

20 Ways to Save Money – Little ideas that have the ability to create amazing results