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January 24, 2018
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January 31, 2018
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How we can use the magic of quantum to create amazing outcomes.




Today’s Note to Self®

 ~With laser focus & concentrated effort, believing we already have our desire, then the Universe begins to shape and mould quantum energy into magical outcomes~



The truth is we are constantly immersed in quantum energy … we live in a quantum world and breathe in a quantum world, and thrive in a quantum world, and yet we quite often don’t even know it. Everything is simply energy and this energy flows through all things including you and me. Quantum always seems like that something out there that scientists know all about but it is not really something that the everyday person could possibly understand. Well, I’m here to tell you that we don’t have to become quantum physicists to understand how a little knowledge of quantum mechanics can really change not only how we view our world, but also how we live in our world.

In the world of quantum energy – every possibility exists at the very same time! And did you know that we can influence this energy by focusing on what we wish to see in our physical reality? When we focus with concentrated effort, believing we can have anything we desire, then the Universe begins to shape and mould this energy into amazing physical outcomes! Sounds rather like the Universal Law that tells us that what we focus on is what we get! In the scientific world they talk about this as ‘the observer and the observed’. In scientific experiments, it has been shown that outcomes are affected when quantum particles are being watched. Begs the question … are we really affecting the outcomes of our lives by the way we observe things? And the answer is yes!

Time to start observing your dreams and desires with laser focus. How do we observe these? Simply by spending time every day visualising how it will be when our dream has become a reality!