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January 26, 2018
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February 3, 2018
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Radio – Getting to Know You & Your World – Week 2



Getting to Know You & Your World – Week 2



This week’s show is all about helping you understand ‘First Matter! So, what is First Matter and what has it got to do with getting to know more about ourselves and our world? In a word – EVERYTHING! Fog is a beautiful metaphor for First Matter – the energy that fills our Universe. To the ancient Alchemists, First Matter, symbolised by a circle surrounding a cross, existed before the beginning of time, and was the matter which held within it all possibilities and potentialities. In modern day alchemist terms, this is what Quantum physicists call the quantum field of infinite possibility and potential – the quantum field. Within this field is held all past, present and future possibilities just awaiting recognition. Even though the great majority of the population do not know about, recognise, or fully understand First Matter, the truth remains that we are constantly immersed within this quantum field. As a dream or vision is consciously held within the quantum field through our thoughts, visions and feelings, it becomes a reality.


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