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March 8, 2018
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March 25, 2018
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Spiritual Fitness – How to Bring Dreams to Life!




Today’s Note to Self®

~Remember today to live with a trust that keeps me flying even though I can’t yet see the shoreline of my dreams~




How to bring dreams to life!

The real secret to having anything manifest in our lives is to allow the Universe, God or the Great Spirit to mould it! Once you have described what you wish to experience, stop asking the how’s and the when’s. Simply become the observer of your vision, and have complete faith and trust that all that needs to occur for your dreams to appear in your physical life will occur in the perfect way and in the perfect time. The problem is we get very excited when we learn how to create our reality, but sometimes it loses its glitter because we think everything should happen in the blink of an eye, and most often it takes time. It takes time for the Universe to put everything into place, but it also takes time for us to grow into our dreams and desires. If it all happened too quickly we wouldn’t know how to hold onto it, and as quick as it arrived it would be gone again! I am sure you have heard of people winning a fortune and it all being gone a week or two later. This was my greatest hiccup in manifesting my desires! I was constantly asking when and how! In fact, I had it all worked out even before the Universe did! LOL It took me quite some time to grow sufficiently in understanding of the Law, to just know without a doubt that I was going to receive my dream … and keep it!

So now, I simply describe what I would love to experience, place it on my dream board, stepped into it on a daily basis, and then let it go. I always have a little smile when I think of the number of surprising ways things have appeared in my life and I can go to my dream board and place a huge thank you across yet another dream come true.