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March 8, 2018
Spiritual Fitness – How to Bring Dreams to Life!
March 18, 2018
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Spiritual Fitness – How to Uncover Your Brilliance & Start Living!




Today’s Note to Self®

~Remember today, allow the light within me to shine its uniqueness to the world … this is why I came~



How to uncover your brilliance & start really living!

Unveiling and revelling in your unique genius is all about finding the pure essence of you! Every single person on this planet came with an inbuilt brilliance that not one other person has or will ever have! It is your one of a kind brilliance that has the power to not only change your life but the whole of the planet – only you can be YOU and bring what you bring!

Believe it or not, within your physical body lies your spirit self. This is the part of you that is eternal. It is the power house behind the body that simply carries you from one moment to the next in this physical realm. It is timeless and multidimensional, and is by far the greatest and most powerful part of you but is often hidden under the many layers of life experiences. It is very easy to lose sight of our spirit self as we face the challenges and struggles of life regardless of how they assist with our soul growth, and to help us make decisions about what we wish to express with each season of our life here on Planet Earth.

The easiest way of removing the layers is to get straight to the core of you … your core beliefs! Your Core Beliefs are those you arrived with and NOT the beliefs that you have acquired over the years. These are the inbuilt beliefs that you may have forgotten or have had knocked out of you by time, people, circumstances, events, etc.

As you focus entirely on:

  • I am a uniquely gifted and magnificent being
  • I have the power within me to create anything that I desire

I promise, the acquired beliefs will very quickly disappear.