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August 8, 2017
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January 24, 2018
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Do you know Your Spirit Self?




Today’s Note to Self®

 ~The owl is the perceiver of Truth, so allow it to be your guide as you rediscover your Sacred Knowledge~



What is Sacred Knowledge? It is a combination of knowing who you are and what you are made of, and what this Universe is made of and how it works. How do you learn about Sacred Knowledge? Simply put, by getting to know and understand your spirit self. In actual fact, your spirit is by far the greatest and grandest part of you and once you really get to know and understand your spirit self … well let’s just say, you are on a winner! Your Spirit Self is the part of you that holds your Sacred Knowledge, the part of you that has the power to create anything you desire, and the part of you that is immersed within the quantum field! The truth is that you are an ‘unlimited’ spirit who has chosen to take on a body and a mind so as to experience the thrill of living a physical life here on planet earth.

Yes, you also have a mind and a body which are both incredibly important to you whilst you are here. My suggestion is that you really get to know all 3 on a very personal basis! Have a conversation with each, every single day! Okay, I know I may sound a little out there, but hey, do you want to see change on 2018 or do you want to see the same old same old? So, have the conversation and ask each part of you a very important question. What is that question? Body, what do you need today so that you are feeling healthy, energised and ready for the ride of your life? Mind, what do I need to feed you today to ensure you are kept busy with positive and uplifting thoughts and ideas? Spirit self, what do you wish to tell me today so that I may take the next step towards a fabulous outcome?

Now the trick here is to actually listen!!! Listen to the answers that come and don’t just keep chatting away to yourself and getting caught up in what’s not happening, and why you never seem to be able to hear anything, and feeling guilty that you didn’t go for that walk yesterday, and how you got into a very negative zone 3 days ago! Simply stop and LISTEN … NOW!