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August 8, 2017
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January 20, 2018
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Creating a New Dance




Today’s Note to Self®

Today’s Note to Self ~A new perspective creates changes beyond measure … being open to new possibilities is the key to creating magic & miracles~



Mother Nature’s Message:

We in Nature Spirit ask you to close your eyes for one precious moment in time! Relax and allow yourself to slip gently into the beautiful world between realms … that which allows you to find a beautiful balance between your physical world and the world in which dreams are formed and created. It is a place where you move and dance in glorious streams of golden light without any thought of limitation. All in Nature constantly moves within this state … the leaves dance and laugh with the wind as they skip through the air, rejoicing in the changes they experience from tiny green bud to crimson leaf. Every tiny droplet of water shimmers and dances within the sunbeams that stretch across the stream, and stars twinkle with delight as they dance with the magnificent energies of the endless ebony skies. And Mother Nature smiles a truly loving smile.

You too have the power to create your own unique dance of life – far beyond what you are currently experiencing. When you allow yourself to drift between realms you discover your Truth … you discover that all has been planned and orchestrated for you in total love. There is no need for fear or thoughts of lack, for you are always loved and looked after. As you slow down and rest in this inner knowing, your mind begins to dance a beautiful dance as it connects to, and moves in time with the loving rhythm of your heart. Everything shifts and changes as you begin to shape the Universal energy around you and within you. We lovingly suggest that you never stop dancing within this creative force. You are so loved!