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January 31, 2018
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How to connect to the One Mind in all things!




Today’s Note to Self®

 ~Remember today to use the 2 most powerful words in the Universe … I AM~



The One Mind is the super intelligence behind the whole of this cosmos. You only have to stop and contemplate the workings of it all to get the idea that it is one incredible and super sonic mind! This is the Mind that can have all possibilities available all the time without the restriction of time or space. This is the Mind that has created things in such a way that that we have the past, present and future all occurring at the one time. It is also the Mind that has given us the ability to create all that our minds and thoughts can possibly imagine. And the most beautiful gift attached to all of this is the free will to choose whatever our hearts desire and it is all there ready for us to experience!

So how do we create consciously with the One Mind? We can start by constantly using the two most powerful words we can use … I AM. These 2 little words – ‘I AM’ – are another name for God or the One Mind within all things. The simple truth is that what we attach to the words I AM will come about, so it is of the utmost importance that we become consciously aware of what we are adding to these 2 little words. So often we use these 2 little words in throw away statements not realising the strength they hold in creating our reality. As the saying goes, ‘be ever so careful as to what you wish for’, particularly if you make the wish using I AM! Begin each day saying affirmations using I AM, and you will be delighted as to how quickly your goals and dreams become a reality!