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December 20, 2018
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January 30, 2020
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Who do you Attract? by Dr. Geraldine Teggelove


The person you attract, or conversely the person you don’t attract into your life…and who you keep in a loving relationship or don’t keep, essentially boils down to asking yourself just a few essential questions, says Dr. Geraldine Teggelove.

Firstly, who are you right now? Are you stressed, unhappy, joyful or afraid? Next, what do you truly value? Are looks important, money, status, prestige, kindness or intelligence? And, is what you are looking for going to complete you, or give you status, or objects that you can’t gain on your own? These questions get to the core of who you are and what you value. There is nothing wrong with any of these, but they do have an enormous effect on the direction you take, put you into positions to meet someone or not, and tell the universe what to provide for you. In truth, these factors determine not only what you are attracted to, but also what is attracted to you!

Simply put, you can’t expect to attract your perfect partner without actually living what you are seeking to attract.

If your heart aches for companionship, for love and an intimate long-term relationship, then ‘The Accomplished Heart’ with Dr. Geraldine Teggelove can help you find and design a loving relationship with a partner that lasts. As you learn to replace anxiety with belief, trust and love yourself, identify what is your heart’s desire, and learn to receive the love that comes to you, your dreams will become a reality.  The Accomplished Heart demystifies why relationships are so hard, and why you might find yourself lonely and bored. You become an effective and honest communicator, learn from good role models and get the results you want.  Take the first step to loving happiness now!

The Accomplished Heart gives you proven, reliable, and attainable ways to create greater results, so you can live the life of your dream- with love, happiness, companionship and relationships that last! As a personal and spiritual development coach, Dr. Geraldine Teggelove infuses her work with her intuitive gifts helping clients gain a deeper understanding of their quintessence – that beautiful authentic light that shines within all people. Check out for more information.