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July 25, 2017
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A Vital Step in Creating Success!



I have been working on a particular goal or dream for quite some time … a number of years in fact … and it is only now that this goal stroke dream is becoming a reality in my life. As I get truly excited about all that is happening around me with regards to this goal, I have also given time to contemplating what was the secret to finally see things happen, and no matter which way I look at it, it all comes back to one thing! And what is this one thing? PERSISTENCE! Yes, I know without a doubt that without me persisting each and every day, the outcomes that I dreamed of would never have happened.

So if you are prone to giving up on a one dream and quickly moving into something else that you think will bring great results, or procrastinating about what needs to be done, or blaming everyone and everything for what is not happening, then this may be the perfect show for you. And if you happen to be a person who continually persists, then this will simply confirm in your mind why you are an amazing person and that you are in for not just good outcomes, but amazing ones!

So, what is the trick to being persistent so as to see our goal become a reality? Well, that’s exactly what I would love to share with you on this week’s show.

For today, I will be helping you understand why persistence pays huge dividends:

  • True facts about those who persist
  • The one thing persistent people have in common
  • Common reasons why many people give up
  • And … 7 sure ways of growing your persistence so as to succeed



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