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February 26, 2016
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Today’s Note to Self Book


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Today’s Note to Self Book

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If you love the wonderful world of nature … you will love this book!

This book offers a completely new and unique way of looking into the mystical world of nature. Today’s Note to Self®, capture beautifully Nature Spirits’ treasured messages of hope and inspiration, and the practical steps to living as a modern day mystic. Each double page spread brings to you a beautiful photograph with the ‘note’ attached, and then a full written message which you can use to guide your day. When Nature Spirits speak, it is truly time to listen, for they speak with love and gentleness such powerful messages that are the answers to all our longings. It is in those precious moments of time when we embrace the twinkling of a star, the rustle of a leaf, the flutter of a butterfly’s wing or the unfolding of a petal, that time stops, we become ageless, and we hear the whisperings of Spirit.