Welcome To Our Online & Live Workshops

Welcome to our online workshops, & the details of our live presentations. Please note that our Online Workshops and Programs are changed on a very regular basis and are therefore only available for limited periods of time. Currently we are offering the following: Feather Magic Workshop, the 3R’s – Re-Defining, Re-Inventing & Re-Building Your Life Workshop, and the You and Money Audio Program.

Too often the cost of courses and programs that assist people to grow personally and spiritually create a financial barrier. Our mission is to encourage growth in spiritual awareness and in doing so, to raise the consciousness of the world. With this as our focus, we make our high value programs available to all at extraordinary value.

Feather Magic Online Workshop

Geraldine Teggelove guides you through a 2 module video workshop (60 mins) explaining the symbolism of feathers and assisting you to understand their powerful secrets.

You will have the ability to decipher your very own Nature Spirit Feather messages and get the answers you have been longing to receive.

You also receive a bonus video on great ideas for better use of your own magical feathers.

Only $11 for instant download and viewing

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3R's Online Workshop

Originally, when presented on radio, this incredibly successful audio program – How to Re-Define, Re-Invent and Re-Build your life - had over 3.6 million listener downloads

It has now been upgraded and converted into over 4 hours (9modules) of video workshop with workbook included.

Learn the vital steps to take, and how to avoid the stumbling blocks as you start over and create the success of your dreams.

Only $33 for instant download and viewing

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Money & You Audio Program

Over 2.4 million listener downloads was the result when Geraldine presented this ‘Money and You’ series on her Radio Show.

Now, as a downloadable audio series, you are able to listen as many times as you wish to the practical steps needed in building an ongoing and sustainable relationship with money - a fabulous relationship which will see you saying goodbye to money problems, and hello to a healthy bank balance.

Only $11 for instant download and listening

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