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June 4, 2018
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June 15, 2018
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Spiritual Fitness – Connecting to Universal Love!




Today’s Note to Self ™

~Love brings golden success to those who embrace its powerful energy & trust in perfect outcomes~



Love is the greatest success power that exists!

What are the practical steps in using the power of love to create magic in our lives?

Begin by practise living through the heart and not through your head. Your head is all about thoughts and why you can’t do this or do that or why you should or shouldn’t. On the other hand, your heart is all about feelings … particularly about love. When you bring your awareness to your heart, you are naturally drawn to more loving and caring feelings towards other people and situations. Once you begin to practise this, Divine love will respond by dissolving tricky issues and bringing you loving and successful outcomes.

Fill every situation with love. I do this by using my imagination and intention: I see, hear or feel my way into the situation at hand, I imagine the people involved, and then firstly I surround them all in a huge love bubble … use whatever colour feels right for you. I then build a feeling of love within my heart and imagine that love flowing into the big bubble I have created. I continue to fill it until it starts to expand. Once this is complete, I sit within my heart and simple continue to vibrate love to myself and to the bubble I have created around the situation. I have found the results to be amazing. This is not a done once and forget method … you may have to do this for a few weeks, but I promise the whole situation will change.

Third practical idea for today: as you go about your day, begin sending love to everyone and everything you come in contact with. Now please, don’t going running up to people giving them hugs and kisses and telling how much you love them … that may be a little off putting to say the least!!! LOL Just quietly imagine love flowing from your heart to theirs and watch what happens over the next few weeks.