Spiritual Fitness – A New Way for a New World
September 19, 2018
Radio – Spiritual Fitness Shines!
December 20, 2018
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Spiritual Fitness – Are you ready to blossom in 2019?



Today’s Note to Self ™

~As we grow our spiritual fitness the star within us begins to shine as never before~



Every year around this time, we all begin to question what we have achieved over the past year and how things are going to be so much better in the New Year. We all want to create greater levels of happiness and success, but most do not really know how or even where to begin.

Well, I have discovered that growing spiritual fitness really is the solution! By growing from the inside out, we create these amazing new energy frequencies that have an effect on everything around us in the most positive ways. Getting to know who we really are right down at the quantum level, and then learning how we can align ourselves with the operations of this Universe, instantly changes everything!

Now we have answers and solutions which enable us to move quickly into fabulous states of happiness and success. Where to begin?

  • Know that you are a quanta package of God-powered energy
  • Know without a doubt that what you focus on becomes your reality
  • Know that forgiveness is the key to open the door to abundance
  • Know that you are one with all you desire