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Geraldine is the host of a weekly, and incredibly popular, internet based radio show – Geraldine Teggelove Live. After experiencing the lack of marketing support offered by publishing houses due to budget restraints, Geraldine decided to find her own effective way of spreading her message, and promoting her products and services to a global audience. What started out as a wish and hope, has now resulted in a show which has over 500,000 downloads a month. Once the numbers soared, Geraldine began to see the enormous potential not only for her own marketing and promotion, but she could also see that she now had a fabulous way to assist others struggling to share their unique message with a global audience. .
Simply phone Geraldine on 0432 641 812 or email to have a chat about your needs and how we can help you create fabulous outcomes

To help you understand the power of Radio, to the left you can see a snapshot of the 'Geraldine Teggelove Live' Radio Show downloads as verified by Toginet Radio and Podtrac
At present, the numbers grow by thousands on a daily basis!

You can begin the process today by simply phoning Geraldine on 0432 641 812 or emailing to make a time to have a chat via phone or skype about your needs and how we can help you create fabulous outcomes