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July 25, 2017
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Radio – When Understanding Overtakes Knowledge!



When Understanding Overtakes Knowledge!



This week I am really going to be asking all listeners to be open to lots from a new perspective! The name of this particular show reads: What happens when Understanding Overtakes Knowledge? Doesn’t sound terribly exciting does it! But what if I was to say this in another way? How about I change the title to … How you can create miracles today! Now, does that sound a little more enticing? Some of you may be saying  – but it isn’t possible. Others may be thinking to themselves – oh yes, I have heard all this before and it didn’t work, but some listeners may actually be saying – bring it on! I guess it is the way we think, what we have as a belief or the way we have chosen to look at life that we create your personal response. This quite normal.

I guess what I am asking is that you simply open your mind just a tiny bit to hear some new ideas about our Universe and how we operate as physical beings within this. In this show I would love to focus on helping you understand what happens in your life when you really do allow Understanding to Overtake Knowledge! I will be chatting about:

  • Why we really need to embrace the difference between Knowledge & Understanding
  • What impact each of these has on our lives
  • How you can recognise the signs of ‘spiritual burnout’?
  • How can we use Understanding to see our dreams become a reality?



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