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The Champion Season

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The Champion Season – Redefining, Reinventing & Rebuilding Your Life

Change. Loss. Uncertainty. Confusion. Fear.  If these words strike a powerful chord in your heart, take comfort that you are not alone. Everyone at certain points in their life, braves the challenges of redefining, reinventing and rebuilding one’s life. It’s not easy, but you don’t have to contend with these by yourself.  The Champion Season walks you through the necessary spiritual strategies, helps you think in a way that honours your best self, supports you in your efforts, and guides you along the path with simple. practical steps to creating your best life yet.  If you are struggling from loss – of a relationship, a spouse, a pet, a job or your financial comfort, The Champion Season is just what you need to find the super hero within you and create a life of joy, prosperity, and satisfaction.


Bundle 1




This Bundle includes:

The Australian Feather Magic Oracle Card Deck. 38 card deck and guide booklet. If you are about to start over, I am sure you will be looking for all the help you can get. These Australian Feather Magic cards are truly unique and are filled with potent energy which can help you find much needed answers and solutions. Used in conjunction with the enclosed guide booklet, you now have a fun way to give yourself an accurate reading. You can step into your day with clarity and confidence.

How to use the Feather Magic Oracle Cards to give yourself an accurate reading: a 2 module video program – both approximately 30 mins in length. Geraldine gives easy instructions on how to use these uniquely beautiful cards to get your desired answers and solutions.

Bundle 2

Bundle 3


This Bundle includes:

The Champion Season Video Program – 9 modules (3 hours in total) This program gives you the knowledge and the practical steps needed in order for you to ‘start over’ following life changing situations – you will know how to redefine, reinvent and rebuild your life in such a way so as to be well on your way to becoming the champion of your life.

The Champion Season Program Workbook – 37 pages. This Workbook has been designed to work alongside The Champion Season Video Program. It will assist you in creating your brand-new beginning.

Feather Magic Oracle Card deck – the 38 card deck and guide booklet will help you find the guidance you need as you take each step in redefining, reinventing and rebuilding your life. These cards can be used as a daily ‘pick-me-up’ to bring lightness to your heart, and confidence to your day.

The 3 R’s Podcast Series 6 hours listening. This is a recorded series from Geraldine’s highly successful Radio Show offering listeners practical guidance on how to start over following any type of loss, or the need to make changes in your life.

Coping with Change Podcast Series – 2 hours listening.

Gratitude Meditation – 16 mins. Gratitude opens the gateway to you experiencing outstanding results. This guided meditation enables you to be immersed in gratitude without having to do a thing except turn it on and listen.

3 eBooks.

  • Today’s Note to Self™ – nature’s secret to living an extraordinary life. This book captures beautifully nature’s treasured messages of hope and inspiration and the practical steps needed to live an extraordinary life.
  • The Unique Essence of Nature – The Unique Nature of You. Helping you to recognise your one of a kind giftedness.
  • How to Create a Vision Board – vision boards are amazing tools which not only bring clarity to our goals and dreams, but also help in bringing them into reality.