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March 3, 2018
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March 8, 2018
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How to work with your Co-Creation Partner




Today’s Note to Self®

~Remember today, when our wings lie broken in a pool of tears, it is time to rejoice … we are merely making space for bigger wings which allow us to fly higher~



Yes, we are partners with the Universe in the business of creation. We actually assist the Universe to create more beauty, more happiness, more success, more wealth, more health and I guess could go on forever with the concept of ‘more’. It is our natural state of being to desire ‘more’ and create ‘more’. It is a built-in need that we all have whether we admit or not!

So how do we go about co-creating? This is all about working in co-operation and harmony with this amazing Universe, or what the ancients called Divine substance. We live in an energy based, vibrational Universe – this is now scientifically proven fact, and there are unseen Universal Laws which operate within this energy based substance that we are a part of, whether we know about them or not. Once we get to know these laws and work in harmony with them … well, as they say … the world is our oyster! We become the creators of miracles.

What part does the Universe play? The Universe handles all the how’s, the when’s and the where’s, etc. After all, it can do everything in bigger, better, faster, and way more exciting ways than we could ever dream of! If start trying to tell the Universe how to do things we are really just getting in the way and holding up the works. Besides, it is always so much fun simply watching and waiting to see how our dreams are going to appear … always out of left field – and always in magical ways!

What part do we play? We choose what it is that we wish to experience and begin imagining this or visualising it everyday, and holding onto the desire knowing that those little sub-atomic particles have already formed a quanta package are working their way into our physical reality. And yes, we listen to what our intuition is telling us, and take the action steps that we know need to be taken each day.