But I Don’t Want to Change! by Dr. Geraldine Teggelove
February 12, 2020
Failure and Setting Goals by Dr. Geraldine Teggelove
February 14, 2020
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Feelings About Money by Dr. Geraldine Teggelove


Living a prosperous, successful life filled with riches and wealth when you have a poor relationship with money is like trying to drive a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other one on the brake. You may on occasion make some progress, but in the end no matter how hard you try, how much effort you apply, or how much luck you have, you will never get where you want to go. To begin letting go of all the limiting beliefs you’ve been attributing to money that make it more difficult to have, let’s take a closer look at where all these money beliefs and ideas came from in the first place. After all, money is just an object, be it paper or metal, that represents something that makes the exchange of goods and services easier.  If it is that simple, why do most of us have such an angry, frustrating, powerless relationship with money? Did you know that the more negative your relationship with money, the more you push it away?  If we have given money its power, can we change the power it has over us and can we transform that power into positive and prosperous influences in our lives? Of course we can, and the magical steps to wealth can be found right here.

Have you ever wondered what highly successful and financially stable people know and do that you don’t? Flourishing in Prosperity gives you reliable proven and attainable ways to make money fast, along with 21 ways to eliminate debt.  If you want to live a prosperous life, if you are tired of fearing bills, payments, mortgages, and encumbrances, lay your anxiety and money-woes down and take the magical steps to wealth. If you have experienced a financial meltdown, then you are at the right place. Start building or rebuilding your wealth today!