Do I need to do both the Seminar and the 30 weeks?

Yes, the seminar is vital to the program. During those first 6 hours of seminar, you receive all the foundational information leading into the 30 weeks of sessions that follow. The 30 weeks gives you the necessary focused time to embed new learnings, ask questions and get the answers you are seeking.

Why the 6hour Seminar on top of the 30 weeks?

It gives the whole process a kick start and allows Geraldine time to share with you essential knowledge that will allow for a much deeper understanding of ‘creation process’ and ensure you achieve your desired outcomes.

Why 30 weeks of sessions?

This is a vital component of the Mastery Program. So often you read a book or attend a workshop and you learn what the facilitator is sharing, but the truth of the matter is, you most often don’t ‘understand’ it. To understand something means that you embed it into our unconscious mind and begin to live it. This takes time, and 30 weeks ensures that you do actually embed the learnings.


Can I download the videos?

No, you will not be able to download the videos as they are copyrighted, but you will be able to download the audio associated with each session. These will be sent to you each week.

How do I connect to the Program?

Each week, you will be emailed a password to a page on a website so you can access the videos.