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February 13, 2020
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February 19, 2020
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Failure and Setting Goals by Dr. Geraldine Teggelove


When we fail at what we are attempting to do, for many of us, it makes setting goals even more difficult, says Dr. Geraldine Teggelove.  There was a famous study where scientists asked participants to kick an American football over a goalpost 10 times.  Then, they asked the participants to guess the distance and height of the goal post.  Those participants who failed at the task reported the goal post as significantly higher and further away than the people who succeeded in getting the ball over and through the goal posts.  Why was that? Because, failure impacts our beliefs and perceptions making it seem like they are even further out of our reach.  Knowing this, if we have just experienced a failure, we need to remember that our perception is distorted and probably not accurate if we are feeling defeated and overwhelmed by our goals.

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