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February 24, 2016
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February 24, 2016
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When Nothing’s Happening!

Magical rainbow


Today’s Note to Self®

Remember today, that those quiet times when nothing seems to be happening, are amazing gifts from the Universe allowing us to rest in preparation for the miracles that are about to unfold



The past few days have been very hot with temperatures hovering around the 38 to 40 degrees; so hot that you could even smell and taste the dust that hung in the air. For these few days everything seemed to be at a stand still with not a breeze to shift the hot dry air. Those who tried to brave the heat and go about life as normal, very quickly realised that this was not such a great idea! I discovered during my early morning walk, that even all in nature had taken time out to rest; the song of birds was gentler, the leaves on the trees hung still and quiet, the clouds had disappeared, and the creek could only muster a soft trickle.

Then last night, everything began to change … you could feel the excited anticipation of all in nature! The thunder rumbled in the distance, flashes of lightning flooded the sky with a brilliant display, and then one tiny drop of rain fell from the sky to herald the arrival of another miracle from Mother Nature. The clouds had quietly gathered under the cover of night, and then unleashed their precious cargo upon the land below. The music of the rain filled the air, and the whole of nature rejoiced and danced a magical dance of joy!

Message from Nature Spirit:

Frustration is a very negative emotion felt by many here on this planet Earth … and often! Frustrated that things are not moving forward quickly enough, frustrated that you don’t know the next step, frustrated with yourself for not achieving, frustrated with those around you, and frustrated with the circumstances of your life.

Does nature feel frustration? No it doesn’t! All of nature understands that there are times to sow and times to reap … and there are times to rest from everything! These are the times that miracles are forming and taking shape in the unseen universal energy that constantly surrounds you and flows through you … when you are free of negative emotions and filled with peace, love and joy. All you need to do is understand this Truth, take time out, and rest in a peacefulness that comes from truly trusting the process of co-creation. Today, accept the gift of rest and enjoy these wonderful moments, because an amazing miracle is forming just for you, and you will need all your strength to enjoy it to the full! You are so loved!