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September 20, 2016
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October 4, 2016
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Vital Steps towards a Healthy Body



Today’s Note to Self®

~A healthy body glows with energy & vitality … an essential ingredient in the recipe for success~



This week’s image of a creek looking rather ill has a powerful message to share! It is a fabulous metaphor for our lives. If we fill our bodies with rubbishy foods, not bother to give it the exercise it needs, and push ourselves to the edge with work and forget to take rest … we will have to expect some rather negative outcomes. At this point in our very fast growing spiritual development, it is critical for our bodies to be cared for and nurtured in the best possible ways. Physical changes are also occurring to enable us to receive and embrace new levels of energy and if we don’t sit up and take notice, we will definitely feel and experience the consequences! When we finally ‘get with the program’ and look after our body, we will happily move into a brand new level of consciousness, and begin to glow with energy and vitality … and achieve success.

Mother Nature’s Message:

We in Nature Spirit have been looking forward to bringing this magical image to you for quite some time. We feel it tells a story which many people on this planet need to hear and heed. Once upon a time there was a radiant golden ball that roamed the skies in search of the perfect place to share with others its magical gifts. Eventually, the creek suggested that it may like to hover over its crystal clear waters, the tree requested it to shimmer through its plump green leaves, and the mist quietly offered to dance through its shimmering beams of light. Seeing the beauty that it brought to the creek, the trees and the mist, the white fluffy clouds pleaded with the big golden ball to pause awhile so they could glisten with the most brilliant colours. Working together, a spectacular vision was created! The vibration emanating from this vision was one of beauty, vitality, and success.

Sadly, over time, the creek became filled with rubbish – its waters were no longer clear, and the mist struggled to lift itself, let alone dance. The tree became ill from pollutants that filled the air, and its leaves were no longer plump and green. The clouds slowly grew dark and heavy, so much so that they began to block the brilliant rays of the golden ball; no longer was it able to reflect its magical gifts.

They all decided to ask the assistance of Mother Nature – she would have the answer for sure! And she did! Mother Nature spoke gently as she explained what had happened. ‘You see,’ she said, ‘when the world of nature is fed rubbish and waste, it cannot possibly create brilliance. It can only grow ill and diseased. Eventually everything breaks down and the vision of beauty, vitality and success is replaced with sickness, weakness and failure.’ What can we do they all asked? Mother Nature smiled a cheeky smile and gave a huge wink! I have a way of cleansing everything she said … hold tight while I speak with the spirit of the wind and the spirit of the rain!