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The truth of the matter is that growing your Spiritual Fitness is essential to you living success in all areas of your life - it's cardio for the unconscious mind!
As with accomplishing anything, this does take ongoing commitment, and this is where many people stumble and fall. But what if you had someone guiding you on a daily basis? What if that someone could teach you the ins and outs of becoming Spiritually Fit so that you could start experiencing more happiness and success?

Here at Spiritual Fitness .TV, Geraldine will do just that! She will show you how to live within your quantum world in such a way that you cannot help but succeed!

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Welcome to our Spiritual Fitness.TV community. It is great to have you here, and if you decide to connect to all that is offered, simply take into your heart what feels right for you, have fun, and enjoy every moment of your learning and growing.
I feel very honoured to be sharing your journey towards experiencing all of your heart's desires.
Much love,
Week 17: FOCUS - Loving Self

Learning to 'Love Self' is a vital step in growing our Spiritual Fitness. Until we learn to love self, it is impossible to love anyone or anything! Love flows from within one's self first and then flows out to others attracting love in so many magical ways.

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Great insights from Mother Nature as she offers hints and tips on how we can begin to start loving self.

This week's BLOG post will also help you get a greater understanding of why we need to embrace Universal Love.

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Geraldine Teggelove Live Radio Show

This week's Focus: Loving Self
During her weekly Radio Show, Geraldine expands on the weekly focus giving you essential information to deepen your understanding of the topic. This is always followed up with the very practical steps needed to experience fabulous results in your life. You can download the podcast HERE to listen at a time that best suits you.

You will love this guided meditation which helps us expand our understanding around Self Love!

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