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November 16, 2016
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The Mystical Power Behind Your Desires




Today’s Note to Self®

~Faith is the unseen golden strand of warmest light that weaves mystical power into your desires~



Yes, huge amazing formation! Metaphysically rocks symbolize Faith! Bill and I had taken a couple of days away for some much needed R & R and decided to visit one of our National Parks to wander through and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature, and of course, find some new Notes for Today’s Notes to Self. These huge boulders were certainly too big not to notice and to photograph! The rock being held up by the boulders either side of it was what really caught my attention. I have had this image for some time, and when I was preparing for this week’s Radio Show, it jumped into my head, so I figured this must be the one! LOL

Mother Nature’s Message:

Have you ever witnessed a mother bird gently push her babies to the side of the nest and then out over the edge? With complete faith and trust in the Great Spirit who knows all things, this mother bird is displaying to the world, how to Let Go and Let God … and teaching her young to do the same. She knows without a doubt, that her baby will spread its wings and fly. She has faith in the process of Universal Law!

And the blossom tree … does it worry or stress about when and how the tiny fragile buds will break forth through the shell of the branch, and then how they will open to the world with such beauty and magnificence?  No the blossom tree awaits with faith through the gentle silence of the winter, knowing with an excited expectation, that with the first hint of spring, each little blossom will stretch into the world and shower the pavements with a carpet of joy. The blossom tree holds steady in faith … it knows how to Let Go and Let God!

Faith is the unseen golden strand of the warmest light that weaves mystical power into your dreams and desires. It holds them steady through the unknown and mysterious mists of the land between the spiritual world and the physical world … faith wraps your dreams gently in love and brings them safely to your door.

We suggest that you grab hold of faith, not just with your hands, but also with your heart. It is time for you to not only know the Law, but also love the Law. You are a magnificent being who deserves the very best this Universe has to offer! So today, Let Go and Let God, and watch miracles happen in your life. You are so loved!