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March 8, 2016
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March 17, 2016
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Tuesday, 8th March 2016

Don’t Be a ‘Has Been’ 2: Life Changing Questions


This show: we continue with this series of ‘Don’t Be a Has Been in 2016′ … it is such a fabulous way of ensuring we move on to create a more exciting, more wisdom filled, and more empowered version of who we are right in this moment of time. One of the very best ways of ensuring this happening is to set the intention that on 2016 you will make it an absolute must to ask of yourself better questions. I mentioned this quite briefly in last week’s show, but would love to share with you today why this works, and how this works! Having the ability to ask of yourself the questions that really need to be asked and then listening for and acting on the answers is a fabulous way to redesign your life.

So what will I be sharing with you during this show? I will be helping you understand:

  • why asking better questions is essential to becoming a much better version of yourself rather than remaining a ‘Has Been’
  • a simple 5 step formula to follow so as to ensure the questions are perfect for you
  • some great generic questions that have the ability to truly turn your life on its head and create fabulous success

By the end of today’s show, you are going to have lots of ideas to really get your teeth into so as to start the process of re-inventing and re-building your life and shift it from ordinary to extraordinary!


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