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Tuesday, 6th June 2017

Publishing 101: Week 5!




Over the last couple of weeks I have been chatting with some wonderful and highly successful authors, and asking them to share with us all their secrets around writing and publishing! Believe me, if you haven’t had a chance to listen to the previous shows in this series called Publishing 101, then may I urge you to do so if you are contemplating stepping out with your published book in hand! WooHoo! Just imagine how you will feel when this becomes a reality.

Obviously, there are ways of doing this that will perfect for you. Often though, it is figuring out what this perfect way looks like, and it is by listening to others that we can actually make informed choices and decisions. The authors that I am chatting with during this series are sharing the most wonderful information … being totally open and honest, and sharing with us what worked and what didn’t! To me it only makes sense that if we are going to go to all the effort of writing and publishing our unique book, then we need to gather as much of this information as we possibly can before we start the process.

My guest this week is highly successful author Lisa B.  Lisa is a coach on demand. She is a speaker, trainer and serial entrepreneur who has owned numerous businesses since 1995.  Lisa is also a mum, so she knows and understands the pressure that today’s world places on women and their relationships, both at work and in their day-to-day lives.

Lisa has had a varied career combining her two passions. One is her long career in real estate, and the other is her passion that she studied simultaneously and lived through, which is the topic of masculine and feminine energy.  She has written a number of books and created online products – so may I suggest that we are in for a fabulous show this week!

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