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Tuesday, 30th March 2016

Don’t Be a ‘Has Been’ in 2016: 4 Analyse Your Results


Metaphysically, Easter season is all about new life – dying to the old and stepping into a brand new awareness or consciousness. It is a time for us all to ponder our very own resurrection out of the old and into the new. This fits perfectly with our show today! In fact, although I didn’t actually plan it this way, I couldn’t think of a better time to share with you all my ideas within the 4th and final week of the series ‘Don’t Be a Has Been in 2016′. This week’s show will help you see your life from a new perspective, and in doing so will assist you in growing your awareness around who you are and how you are creating your world.

How are we going to do this? Well, I am going to build on the past 3 shows in this series and help you analyse all that you have discovered so as to change what needs to be changed so 2016 can begin to take shape in the most fabulous ways! You don’t want to be that ‘Has Been’ for yet another year do you?? NO! It is now the perfect time to step into a beautiful future with excitement and passion in every tiny cell of your being.

I am going to be looking at just 2 essential steps towards Re-Building happier, healthier and more successful you in 2016.

  • Analysing all that you have discovered over the past few weeks … this is sooo important! It’s no good deciding to change your life, learning to ask better questions of yourself, and discovering how to get answers, if you then don’t act on what you find.
  • How to take appropriate action in our new Great Age to redefine and rebuild your life


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