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September 20, 2016
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October 4, 2016
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Tuesday, 28th September 2016

Alchemy of Healing 3: Healing the Mind to Create Health


Last show I gave you lots of ways to begin the process of healing the body and now we are going to discover lots of magical ideas about healing the mind. This is a very determined little part of us that likes to try and take over at every opportunity … can even be quite bossy at times and tell us what’s best for us without consulting anyone … particularly, without consulting us! The mind can also play wonderful tricks on our health and wellbeing, even to the point of having us think our way into illness. The good news is that once we really get to understand how our mind operates and how we can actually bypass its actions, we can move happily forward creating fabulous health and happiness along the way.

You see the mind is so clever at what it does that sometimes we are totally unaware of what is even happening! Before we know it, we are being ruled by mind games and life begins to come unstuck and our health and well being go downhill fast!

Sooooo … that being the case, what am I going to be chatting about this week? I would love to help you understand much about:

  • How your mind really works
  • How to take control of what flows in and out of your mind
  • How to use the mind to your best advantage
  • How healing the mind is a vital step towards creating healthy & wellbeing


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