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October 17, 2016
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November 1, 2016
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Radio Show – 25.10.16



Tuesday, 25th November 2016

Alchemy of Healing 5: Wisdom Holds Power – the Power to Heal!


Yes, this is really a fabulous way to go and one that we often don’t know about or understand, and if we don’t know about it … well no wonder we are not using it to heal what needs to be healed and then see our health, wealth and happiness grow in amazing ways. There is no way we can create fabulous outcomes if we are drowning in the struggle or wallowing in our fear, or simply sitting comfortably in our discomfort trying to hide from what really needs attention and healing.

So what about using your wisdom to help your healing process? You know you have everything you could possibly need to heal within you right now don’t you? All the wisdom and know how that you could possibly need is just sitting there waiting … yes everything you need regardless of what needs healing. Get the picture? LOL Can’t make it much clearer really! Finding this wisdom or know how is a slightly different issue! LOL But I am sure by the end of this Radio show, you will have some fabulous ideas to not only rediscover your unique wisdom, but also the ‘how’s’ of having it work for you to heal whatever needs healing.


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