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March 22, 2017
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EW Series - Determination & Endurance 4


Tuesday, 14th March 2017

REAL WOMEN: Empowering Others by Empowering Self 4!



Already into week 4 of our series on Real Women – empowering others by empowering self. This series has certainly proven to us that you really don’t need to be anything other than ‘REAL’ to create incredible and exciting change in your own life and the lives of others. What do I mean by real? Someone who has chosen to follow her or his heart … have faced the challenges that this decision brings … and have taken the practical steps that needed to be taken to create amazing outcomes.  I have learned so much from the wonderful women I have interviewed so far and I am sure that today’s guest will be no exception.

Tanishka is joining me today and she is from Melbourne here in Australia … this beautiful lady travels the world sharing her amazing knowledge and empowering everyone she meets. I promise you will be inspired by what she shares with us today. Tanishka is best known as Facebook’s, ‘Moon Woman’ with half a million followers of her daily guidance. She is a bestselling author of four books & teacher of kundalini awakening teachings & practices with 20 years experience.

You can connect with Tanishka at:

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