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September 8, 2016
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September 20, 2016
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Tuesday, 14th September 2016

Alchemy of Healing 2: 7 Top Tips for a Healthy Body


This week I am continuing our series on the Alchemy of Healing. This is a 6 week series covering as many aspects of healing as possible. Remember, we all heal in our own unique ways so it is a good idea to listen, try the ideas on for size and then run with whatever feels best for you. Life is way too short to not be feeling on top of your world and loving life to the full. We want to feel energised, happy, free and empowered … and then some more! LOL

On this show I share with you my top 7 tips for health, beauty, vitality and success! You are going to love the simplicity of these and I promise if you follow through with them, life will zing with happiness.

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