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Life Purpose week 2 - 2


Tuesday, 11th January 2017

The ‘Ins & Outs’ of Defining Your Life Purpose – Week 2 !



Last week we began the year with our current series based around ‘The Ins & Outs’ of defining Your Life Purpose … the perfect time of the year to do just that as we start the process of setting our goals for the coming 12 months. Setting goals becomes a very simple task once we define our purpose … we can very easily map out the road ahead and feel excited and happy about achieving fabulous results. Defining our purpose in life is not a one time set and forget kind of thing … part of it remains as the over-riding purpose, but other parts are in a constant state of change. Revisiting your purpose is essential to you creating a happy and successful life. Example: you may have loved to draw amazing pictures when you were a child (and that was part of your purpose back then) but now as an adult, those drawings may have become beautiful designs for houses or art centres etc (using your artistic talents is still part of your purpose in life, but now it is being expressed in a whole new way)

Remember on last week’s show I talked about the fact that ‘there is a time for every purpose’, and this is most often seen in the way we express our purpose in any particular moment in time. This week, I am going to sharing with you how you can design your journey and yet still live totally on purpose.

For today, I will be covering:

  • Your Designer Journey
  • Choosing your experience
  • The essential questions that get the vital answers
  • The Allowing


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