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Tuesday, 28th February 2017

REAL WOMEN: Empowering Others by Empowering Self 2!



As I explained last week, in this current 6 week series I am going to be chatting with 6 ‘REAL WOMEN’ who have truly empowered others by empowering themselves. I am sure you will also remember me explaining that sometimes when the going gets tough it is great to hear from those who have probably gone through what you may be facing right at the moment, and what they share is exactly what you need to hear to enable you to get up and keep on keeping on.

Well, my guest this week is certainly no exception! This lady has truly faced the dragons of life and has stepped into her passion and purpose in truly amazing ways. Living on the autism spectrum is not easy in a world that seems to be pre-occupied with trying to make everyone fit into a box marked ‘normal’, and look out if you don’t happen to meet the required standards. Life then becomes one where you are constantly looking from the outside in and always working hard at attempting to fit the criteria set out by society.

Elissa Plumridge is a lady who has chosen to accept who she is, and now fondly and proudly declares to the world that she is an Aspie through and through! By accepting her place on the spectrum, she now inspires so many others to make it okay to be autistic and is on a mission to educate our communities in knowing and understanding the world of autism.

Combining her skills and competence as a professional educator with her own personal life experiences of living ASD (Asperger’s) and the parenting of children on the spectrum, Elissa is afforded full credibility as an expert in her field. Her passion is in the ongoing development of programs and supports for people with social, communication and   emotional challenges (specifically Autism Spectrum) and her distinctive approach has seen increasing demand on her expertise as a professional consultant and workshop   presenter. Having devoted many years to researching and trialling innovative ideas around supporting people of all ages on the spectrum, Elissa is achieving enormous success in the education and mentoring of all who are associated with ASD through the pioneering of unique systems and strategies-particularly in the area of ‘Autism Friendly’ social skills. Her work is naturally infused with her own insight, compassion and understanding, which comes instinctively through teaching what she lives.

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