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May 24, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – Do You Know the Child Within You

Loving what you do 2


Today’s Note to Self®

~Loving what you do and doing what you love puts the wind beneath your wings~



The image for today is of the humble seagull! It is not the great eagle or the sweetest wren. In fact it is what some would consider an annoying pest that keeps nagging until it finally gets food … and still nags some more!!! LOL But this is not the truth of the seagull! The seagull we see as we picnic on the beach is very different when it does not have continual contact with humans. I just love watching them as they rise and fall with the winds, as they fly out over the waves in search of a lunchtime snack, or as they stand on one leg with eyes closed having a little afternoon nap in warmth of the sun. I really had no idea of what I was going to use as the picture for today’s note. I finally asked spirit to guide my choice, and when I was drawn to this image of a seagull, I was really not sure that I had listened properly! You would think by now that I would have learned to trust the process! Anyway, I popped it in and wrote out the note … and then when the message came through, I was truly blown away!

Message from Nature Spirits:

The cry of the seagull is a familiar sound which can still be heard above the relentless rhythm of the ocean’s waves as they crash and tumble upon the shore. The Spirit of the seagull symbolises freedom, courage, and communication! Being a shoreline bird, the seagull lives between realms … it neither lives on the land nor lives on the ocean, but lives in the space between where there is mystery and magic. And even though the seagull is a shore bird, it is a bird that still has the ability to teach all physical beings how to ride the currents of life … the mental, the emotional and the physical worlds. We in Nature Spirit also wish you to understand that the seagull has developed a wonderful language; they are masters of psychological communication.

The amazing children who are arriving on your planet, or have already arrived, are very much like the seagull. If allowed and encouraged, they too will continue to live on the shorelines of this world; they will live in a place of mystery and magic where they will flourish and grow. The conversations between those of the old world order and those of the new will become easier and easier as these advanced souls teach a new form of communication. These beautiful children will guide you in how to live in love, peace and harmony! They will show you the true meaning of integrity and honour, and will insist on you embracing this truth! And, if allowed and encouraged, they will coach you in how to ride those currents of life with ease, and to live happiness and joy as never before.