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May 12, 2016
Nature Spirits Speak – Gateway to Manifestation
May 24, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – the Gift of Empowerment


Empowerment 2


Today’s Note to Self®

~We empower our lives with glistening joy by rediscovering the golden treasures that lie within & living them~



Finding feathers on my walks is one of my favourite things to do. Whenever a beautiful feather shows up I know it is certainly time to stop, listen and take notice of the messages they bring. This amazing little feather appeared early one morning in our driveway. As the sun slowly rose above the treetops, the shards of light struck the little feather at just the right angle for it to shine its brilliance to the world. As if to reflect the sunbeams, it danced a golden dance of empowerment.

After a time of holding and pondering its message, this is what dropped in … a message for all who find a gold coloured feather, or who have chosen to read this blog.

Message from Nature Spirits:

The gold feather is truly a gift from the Gods – a gift of empowerment! It is a unique and precious gift that is only bestowed on the one who is ready to travel a path that takes them beyond the ordinary and into the extraordinary. It enables you to traverse the world between the physical and the spiritual, to find the golden treasures that lie deep within you. These are the treasures that empower you with unconditional love, co-operation, humility, and a glistening joy that spills from your eyes as rainbow coloured tears.

Nature Spirits bestows gold feathers on those who are now ready to accept this gift of empowerment, use it to step out in faith, and make a unique contribution to the world. It is time to not only recognise, but to share your ‘song’ in a way that no one else can. The gold feather will empower your thoughts, words and actions, to take you beyond the ordinary and into living an extraordinary life. Today, step onto the stage of life and make your dream a reality!