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June 13, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – Remembering why you came!

Butterfly 3


Today’s Note to Self®

~To search, remember, discover & transform … these are the reasons why I came … this is how I find true peace & joy~~



I rushed out the door this morning with phone in hand to capture images of the most glorious sky … Mother Nature was gifting the world with the most magical sight. As the sun rose, her magical beams of light reached into the clouds and touched them with a magnificence that took my breath away. I stood there for quite some time watching the ever changing colours and patterns that filled the sky as the wind joined in the fun of co-creation.

I had been so caught up in this wonderful display of light, that I hadn’t noticed something even more beautiful that was occurring at my feet. There, in the middle of the pathway was a little butterfly struggling to take its last breath. I gently lifted it onto to the grass where it would not be trampled on by others walking or riding bikes, and sat quietly watching its last moments here on planet earth. As if to say thank you, it slowly opened its feeble wings for the very last time, breathed one more breath, and then closed its wings and it was gone. How blessed was I to be there in that precious moment of time, and to witness such a miracle. No wonder the sky was filled with such glorious light … it was honouring a beautiful life and calling it home, and into the light.

Message from Nature Spirits:

Physical beings get so caught up in living in this physical world, that they quite often forget to search for, discover, and live what their souls are longing to experience; they forget that life is eternal, and that their spirit lives on forever. Everything in nature truly understands this calling and constantly strives to live their purpose with joy, love and peace. All in nature listens and responds to the call from Spirit to grow and become the best they can be … from the inside out.

The beautiful spirit of this little butterfly, was reminding you that this physical life does eventually end, but it is the transformation from the struggling caterpillar to the magical butterfly that really matters. It is the continual searching of the soul to discover why you came, and to live your purpose with passion and joy, that will bring the greatest rewards in both this world and the next. To search, remember, discover, transform and live the longings of your soul is why you came; it is then, when the time is right, that the skies will light up before you, the wind will dance in your honour, and a thousand angels will sing you home. You are truly loved!