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June 28, 2016
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July 13, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – Mystical Fog Moments!

Mystical Moments 2


Today’s Note to Self®

~Breathe deeply of the mystical moments in my life that help me understand that Divine Energy is forever present in and through all things … including me~



This morning as I headed out for my daily walk, I had only gone a short distance from home when I was stopped in my tracks by this amazing image … a truly mystical moment! The fog was very thick, but the morning light above the tops of the trees was trying its hardest to break through and illuminate my path. The cold dense air had enveloped everything with the most magical fabric of Truth. I felt as if I had just stepped into another world where time stands still, and nature spirits move so close that I can feel their presence energise every cell of my body as they teach and share their wonderful wisdom.

I immediately thought, wouldn’t be great if I could just bottle this moment and bring it out whenever I felt in need of a special something! LOL But the truth is, this was just one mystical moment in a day which is filled to the brim with mystical moments! The question for me is … can I open my heart sufficiently to capture them?

Message from Nature Spirits:

Divine substance is forever present … in and through everything … including you! Fog is a way that we can remind you of this wonderful Truth. Just as fog finds its way in and around every leaf, every branch, every petal on a flower and every little feather on a tiny bird, so too, does it flow in and around you, filling your life with all its Divine goodness!

Quite often in your physical journey, you only relate fog to being unable to see your way clear to travel the path you came to this planet to travel. And yes, this may also be true … but we would prefer you think of that blanket of clingy dampness, as illuminating substance that has the power to heal and prosper you in ways you have never even dreamed of!!! From now on, grab hold of your foggy mornings with both hands … and your heart … and see the Truth of what lies in these mystical moments. Then open your arms to receive abundantly the gifts this amazing Universe has to offer you. You are soooo loved!