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April 27, 2016
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May 10, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – Is Doing What You Love Possible?


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Today’s Note to Self®

~Remember today, that loving what you do & doing what you love puts the wind beneath your wings~



Wouldn’t that be great I hear you say! But, it’s just not possible as there are bills to pay, rent or house payments, food, school fees, etc, so I really have to continue at what I’m doing (even though I’m unhappy doing it) or we will go under! Yes, I know all this because I have been there myself at one point or other in my life. The real issue here is – and I know this may sound very harsh – that these are just the excuses we keep telling ourselves and even more importantly, believing! So is it really possible to do what we love and love what we do?

The answer is a very resounding YES! The secret to doing what you love and loving what you do is living within your unique gifts and talents. This is all about being authentic and creating a life from the heart rather than the mind! It does take a great deal of courage to step into and embrace this type of living, because it requires us to step out of the known and into unknown territory. The great part is that once we make the jump, it feels oh so familiar and safe, and exciting, and joyful, and wonderful, and a million other fabulous feelings! And … it only takes one tiny step each day to make the switch from simply existing to blossoming!

Message from Nature Spirits:

Today’s message comes to you from the spirit of the wind, the bird and the ocean. Have you ever watched a seagull happily playing between the shoreline and the ocean? Seagull always follows her heart – ‘loving what you do & doing what you love’ is what she knows is her truth! As she embraces this concept, seagull recognises her magnificence and brings herself into alignment with all that is. True happiness is the outcome! Seagull’s knowing wings steer this spirit filled bird gracefully and skillfully into the wind currents that seem to tease the ocean as they frolic across the tips of each and every wave.  Unseen by the human eye, wind travels the cosmos capturing the whispered secrets from near and far and shares this wisdom with all those who recognise its presence. Ocean sings her magical song to the never ending rhythm and unceasing flow of all that is, has been and ever will be. Seagull, ocean and wind happily play for hours … dancing together in the elixir of life.

Seagull, wind and ocean invite you to join them in this dance. They would love for you to understand that loving what you do & doing what you love, puts the wind beneath your wings. The moment you decide to embrace this secret, magic happens! Your heart jumps for joy, and your body tingles as your wings grow and expand so as to enable you to fly higher than ever before. In this moment, you truly join the dance of life! The ever expanding energy of all that is, rushes in to support and nourish all your dreams. The mystical music within you weaves through every thought and every action, making life (pardon the pun) … a breeze! We love you … you are sensational!