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April 14, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – Hidden Secret


Petals will fall 2



Today’s Note to Self®

~True beauty is not created by the petals we firmly hold onto … it is by those that we release & allow to gently fall ~



It was quite a windy day as I walked my way towards the bushland in the surrounding hills. Being autumn, it was such a wonderful surprise to pass a garden still filled to the brim with the most beautiful flowers. Their colours were brilliant, and they were begging me to stop and take a closer look … and take lots of photos! Each one proudly posed for the camera, and then out of the corner of my eye, just as I was about to leave, I noticed something very special.

One little yellow flower, at the bottom of the fence, was calling me to come closer. It had a wonderful story to tell! It had been buffeted by the wind and several of its fragile petals had fallen, and were now lying on the ground below. But the little flower had not lost any of its beauty. It simply smiled knowingly, and continued to have fun as it played with the wind and shone its magnificence to the world. I may have imagined it, but as I turned to walk away, I could have sworn that it winked at me! LOL Maybe, just maybe, it knew a secret that had the ability to change my life.

Message from Nature Spirits:

Flowers are Nature’s way of helping you to recognise the beauty of your soul! Gaze upon their beauty and you are truly gazing upon the beauty that lies within you. Each tiny petal reminds you of the gentle softness of the Universal love which surrounds and enfolds you in every moment of your existence. Breathe deeply of their perfume and you are experiencing the delicious aromas of the banquet set in readiness for your soul to celebrate its growth towards higher realms. Watch with tenderness as it unfolds from bud to flower, and you are watching the wondrous journey of your soul as it grows and becomes.

This little flower is suggesting that it may be time to allow the winds of change to swoop down, and blow away those petals that may be holding you back from moving towards your dreams. Each petal represents a person or circumstance or challenge which is hiding your true magic… just to help you out here, these may include blame, resentment, guilt, shame, doubt, worry, stress, or whatever jumps into your mind as you read this. Sometimes, in the physical, you forget that many of the things you hold onto are the very things that also hold you back from manifesting your dreams. You forget the love that surrounds you, you forget the banquet that awaits you, and you forget that the letting go is the way in which your beauty grows. So today, step into the wind, close your eyes, and feel those unnecessary petals fly away. You are so loved!