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May 3, 2016
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May 12, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – Dragonflies’ Message





Today’s Note to Self®

~When I let go of my old perceptions of not being good enough … I will fly with lightning speed & grace into the light of my dreams~



I just love to watch dragonflies as they zip with lightening speed from one place to another, and see their paper thin wings glisten with those amazing magical colours when captured by the sun’s rays. I often secretly wish I could, for a few moments, climb aboard the dragonflies’ tiny body and take a ride into the mystical world of this amazing little insect. (Have a feeling I would be paying for lots of extra baggage!!! LOL) On this particular day as I stopped to watch, these two friends came a little closer than usual to share a special message that is perfect for all of us.


Message from Nature Spirits:

This message comes from the spirit of the dragonfly. Ask yourself this question, and then answer truthfully, “Do I see myself as the unique magnificent spiritual being that I am, or do I see myself as not being able to accomplish things because I don’t consider myself good enough or worthy enough?” This is a huge problem with so many souls living here on planet earth! Instead of accepting and trusting your Truth, you go about constantly putting yourself down, and with each negative thought and doubt regarding your ability to achieve, your self esteem drops lower and lower.

Well, it is time you let go of these old worn out perceptions and beliefs. You are a tiny drop of Source energy who has come to this planet with a uniqueness that not one other living soul can claim! How amazing is that? It is your personality, your physical body, your smile, your hug, your gift and your vibration that can change this planet into a more wonderful place to live and to create miracles each and every moment. Today is the day to throw out all the old perceptions of yourself and fly with enormous speed into the light of your dreams. You have gossamer wings, so please spread them, fly and shine!