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June 28, 2016
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July 15, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – Creating Unending Happiness

Choosing Happiness


Today’s Note to Self®

 ~Leading by example is the most effective way to help others walk their sacred path & find true happiness~



We get so used to having warm sunny days here in Australia that sometimes we forget that winter is also a part of our seasonal change. Well this year, winter has certainly made its presence felt with many cold cloudy days, above average rainfall, and bone chilling winds. Getting out for my walk has meant layer upon layer of clothing, and yes, I have even purchased the gumboots for working in the garden!

In all of this, I only have to look around at our newly formed garden beds to bring a smile to my heart and warm my shivering body. The bulbs are popping up everywhere and smiling their gorgeous smile to the world. My favourites are the jonquils! Their golden yellows remind me that there is always a reason to smile and be happy – we just need to be on the constant look out for happiness moments.


Message from Nature Spirits:

Do you hear how happily the birds sing, can you hear the song of the wind, can you see the dance of the leaves or the sunlight across the water, can you feel the joy that vibrates from a tiny wild flower … with Nature Spirit, every moment is joyfully used in creating more happiness.

We do understand that there will be times in your physical journey when you will experience sadness, worry, fear and even depression. This is the way that you grow your magnificence, your wisdom and your spiritual understanding. This is why you chose to spend time on planet Earth … to experience both the positive and the negative emotions, and then choose which of these help you to create those brilliant dreams that you have, and which do not.

Happiness is only a decision away! This decision can only be made by the individual, for the individual! No one else can make you happy but you, and no person, place, circumstance or event can take away your happiness without your consent. Happiness grows from the inside and then sends the most glorious signals and vibrations out into the Universe prompting everything of the same vibration to come running to you with more amazing co-incidences, people, ideas, money, loving relationships, (and the list goes on and on) to enable you to feel more happiness in bigger and better ways. So today, may we suggest … lovingly … that you find a way in which to be happy! You are so loved!