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July 28, 2016
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Nature Spirits Speak – Courage Overcomes Fear!

Courage overcomes fear 2


Today’s Note to Self®

~Fear fades into nothingness when challenges are infused with courage~



This week has been amazing! After having worked on a rather big dream over the last year or so, it has finally become a reality! When I say worked, I mean put into action all the metaphysical steps I share with others … and I am pleased to say that once again, it has all fallen into place in the most unexpected ways. And what do I think triggered the manifestation? Without any hesitation I can honestly say that it was facing my fear and replacing it with massive doses of courage. So this week, I thought I would bring a little more courage into your life to help you to take the next step towards your goals and dreams.

Nature Spirit Message:

A red feather is a symbol of courage which is usually found at a time when the emotion of fear has taken hold of your life.  If fear has been holding you back from taking the necessary steps towards creating success, then the red feather has appeared to fuel your engines with courage and empowerment. It will help you to rekindle the necessary passion that fires the flames of your desires, and drives you forward in the pursuit of your dreams. Red feathers also bring to you good fortune in all of your endeavours. This little feather is truly a magical good luck charm.

Nature Spirits have laid a feather of Courage in your hand today, letting you know that you are in for a magical ride of good fortune and success. But, to accept the energy of this little feather takes putting aside your fears and stepping out into the unknown with courage, and faith in the process of manifestation. Nothing is impossible when you work in harmony with Universal energy.  So today, release your fear on an outgoing breath, fill your wings with the energy of your red feather, and fly to the land of your dreams.